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Elder Resources at No Cost


 Seniors facing legal issues may not know that they have several options to assist them .   For private attorneys call the Palm Beach Bar Lawyer Referral 561-687-2800  or
In the Treasure  Coast  call the Florida  Bar 1-800-342-8011. Or  FLABAR.orgThe Older Americans Act provides for Legal Assistance for seniors over   60In Palm Beach County call Palm Beach County Legal Aid 561-655-8944. 
In the Treasure Coast call Florida Rural Legal Services at 772-466-4766. They have offices in Ft. Pierce , Stuart and will come to the Okeechobee Senior Center. For other counties in Florida or a great 15 minute free consultation from a Florida lawyer call the Senior Legal Helpline- (888) 895-7873.

Finally several government agencies and nonprofit organizations assist senior and nonsenior Floridians with legal issues. Here are the top twelve legal questions the Elder Rights Center of Excellence receives from seniors, care.givers and loved ones and no cost resources to   help.

 Certain legal issues will require seniors (or anyone ) to get their own attorney and no free legal help is available. These include

  • Disputes over a will or property owned by someone who has died. It doesn't matter if the senior is alive or decease·d we do not get involved in issues over   wills.
  • Criminal or traffic cases where they senior is the person charged . If the senior is a victim they may be able to get  compensation.
  • Automobile accidents
  • Bankruptcy -  Refer them to Debt Helper/or ClearPoint for class and   counseling
  • Reverse Mortgage Refer them to Debt Helper/or ClearPoint for class and   counseling

Some seniors need end of life planning  -

In Palm Beach COunty call Palm Beach County Legal Aid 561-655-8944 . In the Treasure Coast call Florida Rural Legal Services at 772-466-4766. They will have questionnaires to fill  out before the appointment. This is for basic power of attorney, health care surrogate, and sometime a deed or will. For a complex estate, business, trust or Medicaid planning a private attorney is needed.

 Some seniors wish to represent  themselves

The Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts has a Self Help Center with low cost form  documents. Attorney consultations are available by appointment at all Self Service Center locations. The attorney can offer procedural advice in Family, Small Claims and Landlord/Tenant actions. The cost of this service is: $15.00 for 15 minutes, $30.00 for 30 minutes, and $60.00 for 60 minutes. To schedule an appointment with an attorney, please call 561-355-7048.

 Treasure Coast Counties may have the forms you need on their web site. For help call the Clerk of Courts for the county where the dispute has or is  occurring:

  • Martin County 772-288-5576  or
  • St. Lucie  County  772-462-6900  or
  • Indian River County 772-770-5185  or
  • Okeechobee  County  863-763-2131  or