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Online Forms for Police Department

Vacant House Form

This on-line form (Closed House Information Sheet) is available for residents who need to notify the Police Department that their home will be closed/vacant for some period of time. This may be the case for a winter resident going north for the summer. If you have any questions, contact: TBD Supervisor, Communications and Records, Phone: (561) 844-3456.

Palm Beach Shores Police Trespass Program

If you own or operate a building, or are in a position of authority in a condominium building, you can sign up with the Trespass Program.  This program allows the police department to remove persons who have no legitimate reason to be on your property.

Use Of Emergency 911

A two page brochure discussing the correct use of the Emergency 911 System. Everyone should read this.

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Bicycle Registration

We will record the information on your bike and provide a numbered decal to place on the bike.  If your bike IS stolen, the number will help us return the bike to you.  Call the police department at 844-3456 for more information on registration.

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